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Living Standards Measurement Study of the World Bank (LSMS)
Titre: Living Standards Measurement Study of the World Bank (LSMS)
Auteur(s): International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / Development Research Group ; 100189957
Résumé: The Living Standards Measurement Study was established by the World Bank in 1980 to explore ways of improving the type and quality of household data collected by government statistical offices in developing countries. The objectives of the LSMS were to develop new methods for monitoring progress in raising levels of living, to identify the consequences for households of current and proposed government policies, and to improve communications between survey statisticians, analysts, and policymakers.
This site:
-helps individuals to determine if the LSMS data can be useful for their purposes;
-provides users with actual data for analyses;
-provides a link to reports and research done using LSMS data;
-provides tools to managers who would like to design new surveys; and
-provides tools to help in analyses. [according to site editors' information]
Mots-clés: pauvreté; conditions de vie
Pays: Ressources générales
Sujet(s): Économie » Politique de développement et pauvreté
Types de source: Statistiques;
Rapports et études uniques
Langue(s): anglais
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