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Reporting Development - A Guide for African Journalists
Titre: Reporting Development - A Guide for African Journalists
Auteur(s): European Journalism Centre, Maastricht
Résumé: This handbook provides a distinctly African perspective on how to create direct linkages between consumers of information and development projects by using words and images that communicate and resonate with ease. Development issues can seem dull and flat but they can create a huge impact in society if turned into lively and robust stories expertly and skillfully told by creative journalists [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
Mots-clés: image de l’Afrique; projet de développement; journalisme
Pays: Afrique. Ressources Générales
Sujet(s): Information et médias » Journalisme et médias;
Société » Généralités;
Économie » Politique de développement et pauvreté
Types de source: Sociétés économiques, associations professionnelles, groupes de pression et organisations commerciales;
Manifestes uniques
Langue(s): anglais
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