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Auteur(s): Ballard, Eoghan C.
Résumé: "This site is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about Bantu religions especially those of the Congo and Angolan diasporas in the Americas. The site is not restricted to any one of these. They include among others Candomblé de Angola and Kongo and Umbanda - Kimbanda in Brazil, Kumina in Jamaica, Las Reglas de Congo or Palo Mayombe, Palo Monte and Kimbisa in Cuba, North American Hoodoo and the Petro or Lemba rite in Haitian Vodou. Some traditions within Obeah and the Cuban form of Espiritismo known as Espiritismo Cruzado also demonstrate significant Bantu and Kongo influences."
Mots-clés: Bantou; diaspora; religion de la terre / religion traditionnelle; religion
Pays: Amérique. Ressources Générales;
Afrique du Sud. Ressources Générales;
Afrique Centrale. Ressources Générales;
République démocratique du Congo
Sujet(s): Religion et philosophie » Religions d´origine africaine
Types de source: Sites web thématiques;
Langue(s): anglais; espagnol
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