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Nigerian Philosophical Association (NPA)
Titre: Nigerian Philosophical Association (NPA)
Auteur(s): Nigerian Philosophical Association
Résumé: The Nigerian Philosophical Association (NPA) is the official professional association of philosophers in Nigeria and philosophically minded thinker in the country. The NPA is a member of the International Federation of Philosophical Scieties (FISP). The NPA's main objectives are to promote active association among all those who are involved in philosophical research and training in Nigeria and promote the cause of philosophical education in the country; to collaborate with associations of a similar nature in promoting common objectives; and to help in maintaining professional standards in research, teaching and other related activities. [According to site editor's information]
Mots-clés: Science; Nigeria
Pays: Nigeria
Sujet(s): Éducation et recherche » Enseignement supérieur et instituts de recherche;
Religion et philosophie » Philosophie
Types de source: Communautés scientifiques
Langue(s): anglais
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