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Titre: Linux4Afrika!
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Auteur(s): Freiburger Open Source Netzwerk
Résumé: linux4Afrika is a German project which aims at collecting old but still functioning computers, remodel them and integrate them into a terminal server to be used in schools in Africa. During the first years, computers were sent mainly to Tanzania and Mozambique. The Software used on the computers is ebuntu, a Linux distribution which was composed especially for the use in schools. You will find manyfold information on the project's activities since 2006. [editors ilissAfrica]
Mots-clés: éducation; ordinateur; fracture numérique; technologie de l’information et de la communication
Pays: Afrique. Ressources Générales;
Sujet(s): Information et médias » Technologies de l´information et de la communication;
Éducation et recherche » Enseignement scolaire
Types de source: Marchés électroniques;
Autres institutions
Langue(s): anglais; allemand
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