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Die Website "About Africa" listet die Sonderausstellungen der deutschen ethnologischen Museen und bietet einen "Tribal Art Kalender". Außerdem finden sich ein paar digitaliserte Bücher zum Themenspektrum "Museum - Sammler - Universität - Händler", so der Untertitel der Zeitschrift "Kunst & Kontext, ... [Redaktion ilissAfrica]
Another Africa is an online magazine/blog on African contemporary art and culture (especially photography). It offers Art Exhibition Recommendations. [editors ilissAfrica]
Brooklyn Museum houses a world-renowned collection of African art. The long-term installation "African Innovations" is organized with a particular focus on the aesthetic, social, political, and cosmological problems addressed by African artists through their work. Marking the first time that the Museum’s ... [according to site editor's information]
Diverse in appearance, material, and purpose, LACMA’s African artworks include body adornments, wooden masks with appliqués, small figures of wood and ivory, bronzes, beaded crowns, and stools. Exemplary beadworks and metalworks include bands of imported beads made by Ndebele women used to signify ... [according to site editor's information]
A lot of audio visual material, virtual exhibitions, background information, games for children etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
The Sainsbury Research Unit (SRU), based in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia, is a centre for the study of the arts of Africa, the Pacific region and the Americas, providing high quality facilities and a specialist research library for its staff, postgraduates and ... [according to site editor's information]
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