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The "National Homepage of Zambia" is a commercial website providing news about Zambian politics and links to many institutions in Zambia (media, political parties etc.). [editors ilissAfrica]
Le site se voit en tant que page d'entrée pour le Cameroun et propose surtout des nouvelles (officielles). En plus le site contient des informations générales sur le Cameroun. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
Le Congo-Site Portail offre des nouvelles sur le pays et donne des informations sur les institutions gouvernementales. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
Zambézia Online is a portal, originally established by students, with information on the province of Zambézia in Mozambique. By circulating information on the potential, resources and business opportunities of the region the portal also intends to do 'regional marketing'. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of the South African government serves as a encompassing hub to government institutions, e-government facilities and information about the country. [editors ilissAfrica]
According to its own statement, this is the "official" homepage of the government of Equatorial Guinea (probably new site, updated 2007; other old site of 2002). You can find information about the government, its institutions, news, the history of the country, its provinces, economy, sights, the ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Offical site of the Republic of the Seychelles. A lot of information about the Seychelles, about tourism, society and culture, environment, business, government or NGOs and news. Worth mentioning:section "Culture" with a lot of interesting sub-categories (see table of contents). Under "Downloads" you ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Nouvelles sur la Républiqe du Congo (Brazzaville). Allez voire les thèmes dans la tables des matières. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
The Webiste provides general information about the culture and the economy of Kenya. [editors ilissAfrica]
The Ministry of Information Communications, and Technology was created in June 2004 with responsibility of formulating administering, managing and developing the Information, Broadcasting and Communication policy. It was mandated to regulate the Information Communication sector. [editors ilissAfrica]
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