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This British Academy partnership programme aims to examine the institutions and processes behind textual production and the role of print culture in constituting national identities in South Africa in the 20th century. Partners will examine the history of South Africa’s national publishers and also the ... [according to site editor's information]
L'Institut national de l'audiovisuel en France vous propose 12 interviews avec des personnalités africaines qui parlent de l'histoire de leurs pays respectifs depuis la colonisation jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Les interviews ont eu lieu en 2009 à l'occasion du 50ième anniversaires des indépendances de beaucoup ... [rédaction ilissAfrica]
"The primary focus of CAE has been on adult basic education, community education and development, and continuing education, including non-formal and formal courses, research, policy development, and the development of materials to support adult learning." The website offers several fulltext documents, ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Le Centre de Recherches Littéraires et Historiques de l'Océan Indien (CRLHOI) à l'Université de la Réunion ne met pas l'accent sur l'Afrique, mais on effectue certaines recherches sur l'Afrique du Sud, Madagascar et les Seychelles. Pour les domaines de recherche, voir la table des matières. Le site vous ... [rédaction ilissAfrica]
African Oral Narratives is a free, open access digital library containing 6 collections of oral and life histories, folklore, and songs from Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa. These audio and video resources capture the voices and experiences of ordinary men and women. In more than a half dozen African ... [according to site editor's information]
Very detailed and extensive site about Sesotho / Southern Sotho: an extensive dictionary in different versions, grammar, teaching resources, exercises (incl. crosswords etc), a bibliography of secondary and primary literature in Southern Sotho, research done (partly including full texts), background ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Based on the Encyclopaedia of South African Literature (SALIT), this project tries to build up a wiki. You can already find some interesting articles, for example in the category "South African Languages" which contains bibliographies of literature in South African languages, or the categories "Khoisan ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Homepage of the University of Venda, South Africa. You can find the following interesting studies / centres: M.E.R Mathivha Centre for African Languages, Arts and Culture, Tshivenda Language Research and Development Centre, Indigenous Music and Oral History. [editors ilissAfrica]
The African Studies Program at the Indiana University offers a lot of resources for the study of African languages. The "African language materials" under "IUB Language Lab" and the "Folk Tales and Songs" are freely accessible. They offer audiofiles and texts (oral literature, lyrics of songs) for the ... [editors ilissAfrica]
The Southern African Historical Society was founded in 1965 with a focus on South African History. Meanwhile, the focus was broadened to history of southern African countries, and partially to other (African ) countries. The society also publishes the fee-based "South African Historical Journal" . ... [editors ilissAfrica]
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