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On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the full text of which appears in the following pages. Following this historic act the Assembly called upon all Member countries to publicize the text of the Declaration and ... [United Nations]
The Publishers' Association of South Africa (PASA) is the official body representing the South African publishing industry. You will find a lot of information on publishing and literature in South Africa (incl. conferences et al.). Among others, you will find a directory of more than 180 members ... [editors ilissAfrica]
An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world's 6,912 known living languages. [according to site editor's information]
The main purpose of this site is to offer easy access to online materials dealing with African languages. In particular, this site collects links to other sites hosting free stuff, be they downloadable files (of any format), web-readable texts, searchable databases, or whatever. Particular attention is ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Contains multilingual and multimedia materials arranged as galleries, for example a collection of texts about Aids in West-Africa, pictures about Sufi Arts in Senegal or audiotapes in Pulaar with translations about »The history and culture of Futa Toro, Senegal and Mauritania«. [editors ilissAfrica]
L'African Book Bank On-line (en acronyme Abbol) est une bibliothèque électronique dont les utilisateurs peuvent télécharger des publications scientifiques parues avant 1960 en relation avec l'Afrique subsaharienne. Le centre d'intérêt de cette bibliothèque historique est bien les sciences humaines, mais ... [selon les informations sur la page de l'éditeur]
Digitalised publications in the field of African Studies that are not avalailable on the bookmarket any more due to limited copies that were originally published. Among them »Barbot's West African Vocabularies« from about 1680 but also J. D. Fage's »A Guide to Original Sources for Precolonial Western ... [editors ilissAfrica]
ALMA propose plus de 30 livres électroniques en langues ouest-africaines, surtout venants du Sénégal, de la Guinée et du Mali (Ouolof, Peul, Fulfulde, Mandingue, Bambara, Dyula, Créol). Pour certains auteurs / certaines associations il existe une petite biographie, des fois même avec une photo. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
Extensive list of books in African languages that are available at the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies, Northwestern University. [editors ilissAfrica]
Online dictionaries, phrasebooks or grammars for many African Languages. [editors ilissAfrica]
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