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South Omo Research Center (SORC)
Title: South Omo Research Center (SORC)
Title alternative: Forum for scientific debate and transcultural understanding in Southern Ethiopia
Creator: South Omo Research Center <Jinka>; Hisada, Shinichiro; Thubauville, Sophia
Abstract: The South Omo Research Center and Forum for Transcultural Understanding has been created as part of the new policy of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, which supports the development of new research centers in different regions of Ethiopia. The new centers are meant to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the various peoples of Ethiopia. Therefore, the centre also acts as a museum. The site offers various information on the centre's research and exhibitions. Note the fulltext documents under "publications" and the two online exhibits on women's art and life in Southern Ethiopia. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: • Home• Aims and History• Activities• Research• Publications Newsletter• Museum … >> Exhibitions online ----- Bartsi - Women's Wall Paintings from Ari (Jinka 2005) ----- Exhibition on The Pride and Social Worthiness of Women in South Omo, Ethiopia ……. The Pride and Social Worthiness of Women in South Omo, Ethiopia ……. From the Ari - Mountains to the Lower Omo Valley - The Diversity of Women's Worlds ……. To be a Girl: Beauty and Body-Adornment ……. To be a Girl: Proud to be Busy - Proud to be Spoiled ……. Becoming a Woman: Female Circumcision ……. Becoming a Woman: Bridehood and Marriage ……. Being a Woman: Attributes of Smart Women ……. Being a Woman: The Relationship between Co-wives ……. Old Women: The Power to perform rituals ……. Old Women: The Meaning of Age• Maps• Information• Sponsors• Links• Contact us
Keywords: woman; gender relations; female emancipation
Countries: Ethiopia
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