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The Living Africa
Title: The Living Africa
Creator: Debangsu; Simon; Jennifer
Abstract: This site was created within the framework of the ThinkQuest Competition, in which students from all over the world can participate and build up a website for a topic they chose. This particular site was built up by students from the Ivory Coast, the Netherlands and the USA, who were 19 years old or younger. The site offers a very broad first approach to Africa which is quite well balanced. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt: Main Sections• The People >> Population >> Ethnic groups >> Language groups >> Religions >> ethnic gallery >> multi-media specials• The Land >> Atlas mountains >> Congo river >> Ituri forest >> Mount Kilimanjaro >> Lake Chad >> Lake Victoria >> Nile river >> Sahara desert• Wildlife >> bovid family >> other herbivores >> carnivores >> primates• National Parks >> Botswana >> Cameroon >> Congo >> Congo (Zaire) >> Cote D'Ivoire >> Ethiopia >> Gambia >> Ghana >> Kenya >> Malawi >> Namibia >> Nigeria >> Senegal >> South Africa >> Swaziland >> Tanzania >> Uganda >> Zambia >> Zimbabwe
Keywords: geography; population geography
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Society » Generalities;
Economy » Ecology;
History & Geography » Geography;
Further Subjects
Resource type: Manuals, Checklists, Guidelines, Teaching Material, Tutorials
Language: English
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