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Ebook and Texts Archive by the Internet Archive
Title: Ebook and Texts Archive by the Internet Archive
Creator: Internet Archive
Abstract: This sub-site of the Internet Archive offers access to many e-books and other fulltext documents (often older books that have free copyright / public domain). The site "OpenLibrary" which is mentioned here does not offer exactly the same collection. You will also find many Africa-related books (for example on / in African languages). [Redaktion ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt: • Translation of the meanings of the Noble Quran in about 30 languages (Chichewa / Nyanja, Yoruba)• Dictionnaire Bambara Français de Bazin• FAIDA ZA KUZALIWA MARA YA PILI• Maneno ya Mungu (Words of God in Kiswahili)• Missing pages from Swahili stories from Arab sources• A Handbook of the Kavirondo Language• Africa (1890)by Reclus, Elisée, 1830-1905• Travels in West Africa - Kingsley, Mary H., 1862-1900
Keywords: African languages; database; history; historical literature; Koran / Quran; literature; travel literature; translation
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