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Afrocentricity and the Black Athena debate
Title: Afrocentricity and the Black Athena debate
Creator: Binsbergen, Wim van
Abstract: Full text documents by Prof. Binsbergen about Afrocentrism and the so called "Black Athena" Debate about the origins of (western) civilisation lying rather in Egypt than in Greece, respectively, the Greeks having borrowed a lot from Ancient Egypt. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: • Excerpt:
• Hermeneutics of race, etc. as context for African philophy
• Mythological archaeology -- with a postscript on Afrocentricity
• Defending Afrocentricity as potentially scientific, in the face of Mudimbe's universalism
• Is there a future for Afrocentricism despite Stephen Howe's dismissive 1998 study?
• A short defence of Afrocentrism in the light of Stephen Howe's 1998 book
• With Black Athena into the Third Millennium CE?
• Alternative models of intercontinental interaction towards the earliest Cretan script
• Black Athena Ten Years After: towards a constructive re-assessment
• Geomantic divination (Ifa, Hakata, Sikidy) and the mankala board-game: rethinking Africa's contribution to global cultural history
• Une défense de l'Afrocentrisme contre Stephen Howe
• Dans le troisième millénaire avec Black Athena?
Keywords: Africa South of the Sahara; Afrocentrism
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