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e-ciencia - buscador de archivos abiertos
Title: e-ciencia - buscador de archivos abiertos
Creator: Fundación madri+d para el Conocimiento
Abstract: Open Access Archive in Spanish with a lot of full text documents on Equatorial Guinea, but also on Africa and other African countries (there, you will also find articles in English or French ). [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: woman; Africa South of the Sahara; Equatorial Guinea; colonial history; abolitionism; witchcraft
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Equatorial Guinea
Subject areas: Society » Gender;
Culture & Arts » Generalities;
Culture & Arts » Literature;
History & Geography » History since 1850;
Religion & Philosophy » Religions of African Origin
Resource type: Collections of Working Papers, Preprints;
Collections of Theses and Dissertations;
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources
Language: Spanish
© Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Afrika (ilissAfrica)
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