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Seventh BOLESWA Symposium - "Educational Research for Quality of Life" (1997)
Title: Seventh BOLESWA Symposium - "Educational Research for Quality of Life" (1997)
Creator: Marshall, Stewart
Abstract: Abstracts and papers of a conference about "Educational Research for Quality of Life" in the countries Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. Some papers also deal with other countries: Kenya, Namibia, South Africa. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt
• Can Whole School Organisation Development (WSOD), as an intervention, impact on the quality of life in our communities?
• Communication apprehension as factor influencing the quality of life of people
• Educational research and quality of life in Eastern and Southern Africa
• Education research for better quality of life for girls in Namibia
• Education to self assertiveness - a prerequisite for quality of life
• Educational research and quality of life: A science education perspective
• Educational research for quality of life - reality or utopia?
• Effective preparation of teachers for lifelong learning - the role of an induction programme
• Information for enhancement of life: dissemination of research results in Lesotho
• Integrating children with special needs into regular school for enhancing their quality of life in the classrooms
• Link Among Education, Research, Educational Research, and Quality of Life
• Quality in teacher education: the need and strategies
• Student teachers reflect on teaching practice: was this a worthwhile experience?
• Swaziland secondary/high school students' risks that may promote HIV infection and the spread of AIDS
• The "Harambee Movement" in Kenya: the role played by Kenyans and the government in the provision of education and other social services
• The Junior-Senior Secondary Gap in Swaziland Science: Macro Or Micro?
• The search for gender sensitive curriculum and school practices: future directions
• The social adjustment of Grade 1 pupils: A case study of Siphofaneni and Duze Primary Schools
• The "woman farmer" and extension services delivery system as a process of ensuring improved quality of life through education
Keywords: education
Countries: Southern Africa. General Resources;
Subject areas: Economy » Development Policy & Poverty;
Education & Academia » Generalities;
Education & Academia » Educational Policy
Resource type: Collections of Conference Proceedings
Language: English
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