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Journey of Mankind - The Peopling of the World
Title: Journey of Mankind - The Peopling of the World
Title alternative: according to the theses of Stephen Oppenheimer
Creator: Bradshaw Foundation; Oppenheimer, Stephen
Abstract: This site is an animated adaptation of Stephen Oppenheimer's book "Out of Eden" (2003), in which the author presents his thesis, gained from genetic tests, that mankind originated in Africa. The site presents a world map which tries to retrace the assumed migration of mankind. For every step there are further explanations and texts. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Africa South of the Sahara; East Africa; migration; origin; mankind / humanity
Countries: Global Resources;
Africa. General Resources;
Eastern Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: History & Geography ยป Archaeology & Prehistory
Resource type: Individual e-books;
Collections of animated Graphics
Language: English
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