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Big Fish - Small Fry - Globalisation of Lake Victoria Fisheries
Title: Big Fish - Small Fry - Globalisation of Lake Victoria Fisheries
Creator: Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute <Mombasa> / Socio-economics Research Program; Abila, Richard O.
Abstract: The portal provides information on Lake Victoria and similar small-scale fisheries in the region (see News Archive and New Page), focusing on the social and economic impacts and issues of development, trade and management decisions. The portal aims to highlight the consequence of policies and interventions on poverty and gender imbalance in fisheries-dependent communities.The web portal contains news, articles, including links and references to other sites containing information on Lake Victoria. Articles are obtained from various sources, including; newspapers, magazines, journals or original articles based on current research results.
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Keywords: East Africa; fishing /fishery; socioeconomic change; relations of production
Countries: Eastern Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Society » Gender;
Economy » Economic Policy;
Economy » Development Policy & Poverty;
Economy » Economic Sectors;
Economy » Ecology
Resource type: News;
Topical Websites
Language: English
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