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Leston Chandler Buell - African Languages - Dissertation and Selected Papers
Title: Leston Chandler Buell - African Languages - Dissertation and Selected Papers
Creator: Buell, Leston Chandler
Abstract: Articles and the dissertation of L.C. Buell PhD as online full texts. His focus is on: Syntax (locative inversion, reason and purpose questions [why questions], the right periphery, and copular constructions in Bantu languages; reason questions more generally, especially in SVO languages with Wh in situ), morpho-syntax, phonology/syntax interface, Zulu tone, phonological, syntactic, historical, and comparative study of Semitic, Bantu. Languges he has written about: Zulu (South Africa), Wolof (Senegal), Swahili (Tanzania / Kenya) und Sambaa / Shambala (Tanzania). [editors ilissAfrica]
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* Predication Types and Predicate-Internal Arguments in Zulu.
* VP-Internal DPs and Right Dislocation in Zulu.
* The Conjoint/Disjoint Alternation in Sambaa
* The Syntax of Mirror Principle Violations in Wolof
* Zulu ngani as postverbal WHY in CP (negative reason questions)
* Asking why in Zulu.
* Semantic and Formal Locatives: Implications for the Bantu Locative Inversion Typology (Note: the link is wrong. Please use this instead:
* Evaluating the Immediate Postverbal Position as a Focus Position in Zulu
* Transparency Effects in Zulu Reason Questions
* The Zulu Conjoint/Disjoint Verb Alternation: Focus or Constituency?
* A Fixed Hierarchy for Wolof Verbal Affixes
* Affix ordering in Wolof applicatives and causatives
* Dissertation: Issues in Zulu Verbal Morphosyntax
* The Zulu verb within the constraints of the LCA
* A Synchonized Parsing Model for the Syntax and Prosody of Swahili.
* Zulu Verb List with Tones (a list of high-toned and toneless verb stems)
* Swahili amba-less relatives without head movement
Keywords: Republic of South Africa; African languages; Tanzania; Senegal; Wolof; Swahili; Bantu languages; wh-movement / movement-q; transformational grammar; Shambala; Zulu
Countries: Tanzania;
South Africa;
Subject areas: Language » Generalities;
Language » Languages of African Origin
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Individual Theses and Dissertations;
Collections of Working Papers, Preprints
Language: English
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