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Daniel M. Albro PhD - African Languages - Dissertation and Selected Papers
Title: Daniel M. Albro PhD - African Languages - Dissertation and Selected Papers
Creator: University of California <Berkeley, Calif.> / Los Angeles Campus / Department of Linguistics
Abstract: The dissertation and several papers by D.A. Albro PhD about three African languages (Nawdem/Nawdm in Togo, a Gur language; Malagasy in Madagascar and Mituku in Congo-Kinshasa, a Narrow Bantu language). There is a small dictionary for Nawdm. His linguistical focus is on: Optimality theory, Computational linguistics, phonology, Determiner phrase, verbs / verb analysis, relativ clauses, tone language. [editors ilissAfrica]
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* Dissertation 2005. Studies in Computational Optimality Theory, with Special Reference to the Phonological System of Malagasy. Ph.D. Dissertation, UCLA.
* 2003. A Large-Scale, Computerized Phonological Analysis of Malagasy. Talk given at the 2003 meeting of the Linguistics Society of America.
* 1998f. Nawdem-English Dictionary with Examples. (Gur language, Togo)
* 1998e. Verb Classes and Verbal Suffixation in Nawdem
* 1998d. Some Investigations into the Structure of DPs in Nawdem.
* 1998c. The Data Pattern of Relative Clauses in Nawdem.
* 1996b. Review of Tone in Mituku.
Keywords: African languages; Africa South of the Sahara; Madagascar; linguistics; Malagasy; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Togo; Mituku
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Language » Generalities;
Language » Languages of African Origin
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Language: English
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