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Navrongo and Lawra Home Page
Title: Navrongo and Lawra Home Page
Creator: Johnston, Carey; Johnston, Beverly
Abstract: Homepage of two Peace Corps Volunteers about two localities in Northern Ghana, Navrongo and Lawra, where they lived for some time. You will find a lot of information and pictures about the culture and language (Dagaara, Kasem, Nankani, with small dialogues) of the people there. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt:
Navrongo & Lawra Fact Sheet
Virtual Navrongo
Culture and language of Navrongo & Lawra
----Drumming and Dancing
----Bangle Making
----Paga Crocodiles
----Lawra's Kobine Festival
----The Dagaaba-Frafra Jokes
Singing, Drumming, & Xylophoning Sounds
History of Navrongo
Ghanaian Cedis, Stamps, and Beer Labels
Akan Names
Other Ghanaian and African WebSites
Threefold Encounter - An Essay
The University of Helsinki Lawra Project
Interested in Helping?
How about a puzzle?
Sirigu women organization of pottery and art in Northern Ghana
Keywords: Culture; African languages; Ghana; Dagaaba; Dagaare / Dagara; Kasena
Countries: Ghana
Subject areas: Language » Languages of African Origin;
Ethnology » Generalities
Resource type: Topical Websites
Language: English
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