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Six Degrees
Title: Six Degrees
Title alternative: A Stanford Journal of Human Rights
Creator: Six Degrees
Abstract: Six Degrees is a student group at Stanford University. We are dedicated to the promotion of a human rights dialogue here on the university campus through the publication of a bi-annual journal and the planning of human-rights related advocacy events. [according to site editor's information]
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Fall 2005
Conflict Diamonds (Sierra Leone and Liberia.)
Refugees in internally displaced persons camps and child “night commuters” in NGO-run dormitories - impact of the human rights abuses of the Lord's Resistance Army (Uganda)

Spring 2005
According to Jan Egeland at the UN, the civil war in Uganda is the world's ‘largest neglected humanitarian crisis.' So far, 20,000 children have been abducted

Fall 2004
Spotlight On: Darfur, Sudan
Reconciliation in Rwanda

Fall 2003
Ivory coast refugees
Interview with President Kaunda (Zambia)
Keywords: Human rights; Africa South of the Sahara
Countries: Global Resources
Subject areas: Politics » Human Rights & Law
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Language: English
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