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Tanzania Socio-Economic Database (TSED)
Title: Tanzania Socio-Economic Database (TSED)
Creator: Tanzania / Bureau of Statistics
Abstract: The purpose of TSED is to allow an overall, up-to-date view of the socio-economic situation in Tanzania and to facilitate use of data for analysis. TSED is a comprehensive and up-to-date socio-economic database system that:
* Facilitates the systematization, storage and analysis of performance indicators in different thematic areas that are defined by the users.
* Allows for user-friendly analysis of data through tables, graphs, reports and maps options. The system allows the creation of global, regional, national and local maps, with up to 10 geographic levels. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Databanks; Socio-economic processes; Tanzania; Economic and social statistics
Countries: Tanzania
Subject areas: Society ยป Society
Resource type: Statistics Agencies;
Language: English
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