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Placide Tempels - Philosophie Bantoue et autre
Title: Placide Tempels - Philosophie Bantoue et autre
Title alternative: Placide Tempels - Bantu Philosophy and further information
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Creator: Centre Æquatoria - Centre de Recherches Culturelles Africanistes <Bamanya/Mbandaka>; Vinck, Honoré
Abstract: Site about Placide Tempels (1906-1977), a Belgian missionary and author of the famous andcontroversial book "Bantu Philosophy" which had a great influence on modern African philosophy. You will find many valuable ressources on this page: a biography of Tempels, a bibliography, the full text of the book "Bantu Philosophy" in different translations, an unpublished 8th chapter of the book, and some other article written by Tempels. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: • Home• Biography• Bibliography• Full Texts >> Bantu Philosophy ----- Lovania 1945 ----- De Sikkel 1946 ----- Possoz Edition 2000 ----- English Translation 1952 ----- Critical Edition 2001 >> African Philosophy 2000 >> Ethnographic Texts (1935-36)• Other >> La philosophie bantoue selon le r.p. Placide Tempelspar Edmond Boelaert, avec une réaction de la part de Tempels.• Photo Gallery• Contact
Keywords: Culture; Africa South of the Sahara; colonialism; civilisation; Democratic Republic of the Congo
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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