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National Museums of Kenya (NMK)
Title: National Museums of Kenya (NMK)
Creator: National Museum of Kenya <Nairobi>
Abstract: NMK, a state corporation, is a multi-disciplinary institution whose role is to collect, preserve, study, document and present Kenya's past and present cultural and natural heritage. This is for the purposes of enhancing knowledge, appreciation, respect and sustainable utilization of these resources. NMK manages many several Museums, Sites and Monuments of national and international importance alongside priceless collections of Kenya's living cultural and natural heritage. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Kenya; Cultural heritage; Museums; Culture
Countries: Kenya
Subject areas: Information & Media » Libraries, Archives, Museums;
Ethnology » Material Culture;
Culture & Arts » Generalities;
History & Geography » Generalities
Location of the site's editor: Kenya
Resource type: Museums;
Collections of Illustrations (Fotographies, Paintings, Charts);
Collections of Videos and Films
Language: English
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