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MUSTER - Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project
Title: MUSTER - Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project
Creator: Sussex School of Education <Brighton>; et al.; Lewin, Keith; Akyeampong, Kwame; Lefoka, Pulane; Kunje, Demis; Samuel, Michael; George, June
Abstract: MUSTER focused on generating new understandings of teacher education before, during and after the point of initial qualification as a teacher. Its concerns included exploring how new teachers are identified and selected for training programmes, how they acquire the skills they need to teach effectively, and how they experience training and induction into the teaching profession. The research included analytical concerns with the structure and organisation of teacher education, the form and substance of teacher education curriculum, the identity, roles and cultural experience of trainee teachers, and the costs and probable benefits of different types of initial teacher training.
The MUSTER Discussion Paper Series and the MUSTER Research Reports are dowloadable for free.
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Keywords: Republic of South Africa; Malawi; education; teacher training; Lesotho; Ghana
Countries: Malawi;
South Africa;
Subject areas: Education & Academia ยป Generalities
Resource type: Research Projekts and Research Databases;
Collections of Reports, Studies
Language: English
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