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Network of Ugandan Researchers & Research Users (NURRU)
Title: Network of Ugandan Researchers & Research Users (NURRU)
Creator: Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users
Abstract: NURRU, a registered NGO, brings together researchers and research users to tackle some of Uganda's daunting socio-economic problems, through research and research output utilization. NURRU conducts research for socio-economic development aimed at poverty eradication in the country. [according to site editor's information]
Table of contents: Working papers• Household Efforts in Poverty Alleviation in Northern Uganda with respect to Agriculture under Structural Adjustment Program: The Case of Arua District. • The Effects of SAPs on Land Use under Different Land Tenure Systems in Kibaale District.• Physical Planning and the Quality of Urban Development in Lira Municipality, in Lira District.• The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Social Development• The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) on the Pastoral Economy: The Case of Ngoma Sub-County, Luwero District• Protectionism, Natural Resource Conservation Policy and Patterns of Household Poverty:• The impact of user-fees on equity of access to health services in aids affected households in rural uganda:the case of tororo district.• Property Rights, Community Participation and Natural Resource Management: The Dynamics of the Tenure Question and Management of Kibale Forest Park.• The impact of peace and stability on the quality of primary education in Lira district.• Policy Reforms and Equity to Basic Services: The Case of the Demand-Driven Approach to Safe Water Provision in Uganda Towns of Luwero, Wobulenzi and Busia.• The impact of structural adjustment programmes on women’s changing health seeking patterns in Uganda: the case of Kabale.• POVERTY POLICY PERSPECTIVES. The Impact of Market Liberalization on the Lake Victoria Fishery.• Translating functional literacy into community development action: an assessment of reflect approach in Bundibugyo district of Uganda.• Decentralization and Management of Forest Resources in Lira District of Northern Uganda:An Assessment of Constraints and Opportunities.• Evaluating the Socio-Economic Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on Low Income Urban Households in Uganda: The Case of Kampala and Mbale.• POVERTY POLICY PERSPECTIVES. The Impact of Women Participation in Local Councils on Gender Relations in the Family: The Case of Ntungamo District.• POVERTY POLICY PERSPECTIVES. Assessing the Impact of Structural Adjus
Keywords: Poverty alleviation; Development; Research institutes; Nongovernmental organizations; Uganda
Countries: Uganda
Subject areas: Economy » Development Policy & Poverty
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