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Global dialogues - Scenarios from Africa
Title: Global dialogues - Scenarios from Africa
Creator: Global Dialogues; Enger, Daniel; Winskell, Kate
Abstract: SCENARIOS FROM AFRICA is a community mobilisation, education and media project about HIV/AIDS carried out with and for young people.It gives children and young adults an exciting opportunity to educate themselves and others about HIV/AIDS by inviting them to participate with internationally acclaimed directors in the production of a collection of short films. On this site, you will find a lot of information about the project and you can also watch the 15 films whose production is based on 2005 winning scripts.
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Table of contents: home
the contests
selecting winners
the films
film users' guide
film distribution
the team
contact us
Keywords: Movie; Africa South of the Sahara; youth; health education; AIDS / HIV
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Health » Health Policy;
Health » Diseases;
Culture & Arts » Fine Arts
Resource type: Working Groups;
Topical Websites;
Collections of Videos and Films
Language: English; French; Portuguese
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