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Kiswahili? Hakuna matata!
Title: Kiswahili? Hakuna matata!
Title alternative: A New Swahili Learning Method for Beginner Students
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Creator: Cornice, Abdillahi Didier
Abstract: Swahili language course online. The verbs generator is especially worth mentioning: you can insert the root verb in Swahili, ad specifications about subject, object, tense, negative / positive and you will get the verb in its correct form. Furthermore you can find grammar, a French-Swahili / English-Swahili dictionary, vocabulary classed by topic, "Chakubanga"-cartoons, music including the songtexts in Swahili and translated into French and English, games in Swahili, a comic strip and a lot of links to other interesting sites. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: African languages; East Africa; music; comic strip; Swahili
Countries: Eastern Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Language » Languages of African Origin;
Culture & Arts » Generalities
Resource type: Dictionaries;
Manuals, Checklists, Guidelines, Teaching Material, Tutorials;
Individual e-books;
Individual Software;
Collections of Audio-Sources
Language: English; French
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