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NAI - Nordic Africa Institute - Uppsala
Title: NAI - Nordic Africa Institute - Uppsala
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Creator: Nordic Africa Institute <Uppsala>
Abstract: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet in Uppsala was founded in 1962. It serves as a research, documentation and information centre on modern Africa for the Nordic countries.It is financed jointly by the Nordic countries and governed by a Programme and Research Council with members from all the Nordic countries. On its website, the NAI offers, among others, information on current research fields and project and a lot of fulltext documents, many of which can be found in the database DIVA (Swedish Academic Archive On-line). [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: The current (2013) research clusters are:
Conflict, Security and Democratic Transformation
Globalization, Trade and Regional Integration
Rural and Agrarian Change, Property and Resources
Urban Dynamics
Keywords: Nordic States; African Studies
Countries: Northern Europe. General Resources;
Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Education & Academia ยป Higher Education & Research Institutions
Location of the site's editor: Sweden
Resource type: Research facilities;
Individual e-books;
Collections of Working Papers, Preprints;
Collections of Reports, Studies;
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources
Language: English; Swedish
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