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Title: schwarzweiss
Creator: schwarzweiss
Abstract: The perception of one-self and the perception of an outgroup determine our everyday thinking. How we perceive other people is, however, often reflected by stereotypes. Such stereotypes are often defined in terms of culture. They generate prejudice, most of the time going hand in hand with overhasty judgements about certain groups. Schwarzweiss set itself as a goal to identify such a "black-and-white-thinking", its backgrounds and the historic reasons of its generation to finally overcome these ways of thinking in dialogue and communication[according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
Keywords: discourse; equality / equal rights; communication; postcolonialism; stereotype
Countries: Germany. General Resources
Subject areas: Politics » Human Rights & Law;
Society » Society
Location of the site's editor: Baden-Württemberg
Resource type: Topical Websites
Language: German
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