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Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Title: Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Title alternative: FOCAC; FOCAC
Creator: China / Außenministerium
Abstract: In order to further strengthen the friendly cooperation between China and Africa under the new circumstances, to jointly meet the challenge of economic globalization and to promote common development, and in light of suggestions of some African countries, the Chinese Government made the proposal on the convocation of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation---Ministerial Conference Beijing 2000, which was positively responded to by the vast number of African countries. [according to site editor’s information]
Table of contents: Sino-African Relations: China's African Policy; Political Exchange; Economic and Trade Cooperation; Cultural Exchange.
Entering Africa: Overview of Africa; Experiencing Africa; Travel Tips
Keywords: development cooperation; economic cooperation
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Subject areas: Politics » International Relations;
Economy » Economic Relations
Location of the site's editor: China
Resource type: Governments, Governmental Departments and Public Administration;
Language: English
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