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Satellite Sentinel Project
Title: Satellite Sentinel Project
Title alternative: The world is watching because you are watching.
Creator: Center for American Progress <Washington, DC>; Enough Project <Wahington, D.C.>; DigitalGlobe; Clooney, George; Prendergast, John
Abstract: This website was initiated by actor George Clooney and others. It offers real-time satellite pictures and is aimed at documenting and eventually preventing human rights abuses world wide. The hope is that perpetrators might be discouraged knowing that they get "watched". The website also offers reports from crisis regions. The idea came to life through Clooney's commitment during the Darfur crisis in Sudan. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Human rights; conflict; armed conflict; civil war; geography; violence; cartography; Human Rights; political commitment
Countries: Global Resources;
Subject areas: Politics » Conflict & Security;
Politics » Human Rights & Law;
History & Geography » Geography
Location of the site's editor: USA
Resource type: Newsletter, Alerting Services;
Other Web Services;
Collections of Reports, Studies;
Collections of Maps
Language: English
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