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Voices of Africa
Title: Voices of Africa
Creator: Voices of Africa Media Foundation <Haarlem>
Abstract: "Voices of Africa is a training programme initiated by Voices of Africa Media Foundation. Its goal is to empower you African men and women with limited media experience to pursue a career as community reporter. Central to the training programme is the potential of the mobile phone as a powerful reporting tool. With trainings and materials designed to fit the taste and interest of young Africans, we train reporters to use the mobile phone to create objective news about their own communities. We use online coaching by media professionals and publish the stories on this training website reports on this website are made by current trainees and reflect their progress. The reporters under training bring out stories based on local views and issues." This blog received the Best Videoblog Jury Award 2008 of Deutsche Welle. [according to site editor’s information]
Keywords: image of Africa; journalism; media; new technology
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Information & Media » Journalism & Media
Location of the site's editor: Netherlands
Resource type: News;
Language: English
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