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Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Professor of Linguistics - Publications
Title: Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Professor of Linguistics - Publications
Creator: Akinlabi, Akinbiyi
Abstract: Publications of Prof. Akinlabi with many fulltext documents for the following languages: Lokaa, Yoruba, Ibibio, Agbirigba (based on the Ogbakiri dialect of Ikwere, an Igboid language), Nkoroo (Nigeria), Kinande (Democratic Republic of the Congo / DRC / Congo-Kinshasa), and Ngwo (Cameroon). His focus is on phonology and tonal phenomena. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Research Interests:• Phonology --- tone, harmony, prosodic structure, underspecification theory.• Morphology--- phonology interaction, prosodic morphology• Optimality Theory• West African Linguistics, especially of Benue-Congo languages.
Keywords: Yoruba; Niger-Congo languages; Lokaa; Benue-Congo languages; Ibibio; artificial language / constructed language / planned language; African languages; linguistics; morphology ; optimality theory; phonology; tone
Countries: Western Africa. General Resources;
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Subject areas: Language » Generalities;
Language » Languages of African Origin
Resource type: Researcher Homepages and Websites;
Collections of Working Papers, Preprints;
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources
Language: English
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