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Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission (ECHO)
Title: Humanitarian Aid Office of the European Commission (ECHO)
Creator: Amt für Humanitäre Hilfe
Abstract: The European Union’s mandate to ECHO is to provide emergency assistance and relief to the victims of natural disasters or armed conflict outside the European Union. The aid is intended to go directly to those in distress, irrespective of race, religion or political convictions. ECHO’s task is to ensure goods and services get to crisis zones fast. Goods may include essential supplies, specific foodstuffs, medical equipment, medicines and fuel. Services may include medical teams, water purification teams and logistical support. Goods and services reach disaster areas via ECHO partners.Since 1992, ECHO has funded humanitarian aid in crisis zones of more than 85 countries via its partners. Its grants cover emergency aid, food aid and aid to refugees and displaced persons worth a total of more than €700 million per year. [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Foreign and development aid; Disaster relief; War casualties
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