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Sports in Africa - Ohio University
Title: Sports in Africa - Ohio University
Title alternative: A Partnership for African Sports
Creator: Ohio University <Athens, Ohio>; Akindes, Gerard; Kirwin, Matthew; Owusu-Kwarteng, Nana
Abstract: Sports in Africa (SinA) is a partnership of programs and departments at Ohio University, each sharing an interest and commitment to the development and improvement of Sports in Africa. The principal focus of SinA is the use of sports as a vehicle for social, cultural, educational, and health programming. You will find abstracts and videos / interviews from several conferences, an electronic journal (free), bibliographies and further links. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: • ImpumeleloThe Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal of African Sports Excerpts: >> Between the Springbok and Ikhamanga – The Untold Story of South Africa’s Black Rugby Exiles >> Stopped at the Try Line? Rugby, Race, and Nationalism in Post-Apartheid South Africa >> The potential of sport as an implementation tool for the development of health education outreach in South Africa >> Voices from the field: Paul Goodrich and African Sports Outreach >> The Other Algeria: Zidane, World Cup Soccer, Globalization, and the Media >> The Paradox of Gender and Sport Development: The Case of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan >> Sport and Social Change in Africa >> Learning to Kick:African Soccer Schools as Carriers of Development >> Organizational Justice: A Case Study of Female Sport Managers in Morocco >> Making African Sports Global >> Popular Culture as Critical Process in Colonial Africa: A Study of Brazzaville Football >> ImpumeleloThe Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal of African Sports• Ressource CenterInformation Publications References • Conferences and Workshops >> Communication, Media and Sport in Africa (2007) >> Health, Sciences and Sport in Africa (2007) >> Women, Gender and Sports in Africa (2006) >> African Sport Across Disciplines Workshop (2005) >> Youth, Sports and Africa Symposium (2004)
Keywords: FIFA World Cup 2010; sport; youth; women's football / women’s soccer; health education
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