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Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Title: Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Creator: Africa Center for Strategic Studies <Washington, DC>
Abstract: The Africa Center is a unique American institution that fosters professional development of Africa's civilian and military leaders, supports democratic governance in Africa, and facilitates long-term, continuing dialogue with and among leaders from Africa, Europe, and the United States. As a primarily academic organization, the Africa Center is located within the U.S. Department of Defense's National Defense University. Founded on the DoD's Regional Center concept, the Africa Center (and its four counterpart regional centers) represent one way that the United States promotes and reinforces American values and strengthens U.S. national security. The Africa Center achieves these goals by offering rigorous academic programs in civil-military relations, national security studies, and defense economics. A diverse ensemble of leaders have participated in Africa Center programs, including ministers and senior officials from African ministries; generals, chiefs of defense staffs, colonels, and other senior military leaders; ambassadors and diplomats; civil society leaders; directors of international and regional organizations; senior level U.S. government officials; and current and former African heads of state.To ensure academic excellence and policy relevance, the Africa Center philosophy includes eight pillars that serve as the basis for all Africa Center activities. · Consultation· Partnership· Program excellence· Non-attribution and academic freedom · Relevance to African leaders· Significance for U.S. policy· Respect for others· Ethical conduct [according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Africa; Military cooperation; Security interests outside alliance territories; Security policy cooperation; security policy
Countries: AFRICA;
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Subject areas: Politics » Conflict & Security
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