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Development and Dreams. The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup
Title: Development and Dreams. The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup
Creator: HSRC Press <Cape Town>; Pillay, Udesh; Tomlinson, Richard; Bass, Orli
Abstract: This e-book considers the effects of South Africa’s hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Furthermore, you will find four audio files for free download, in which authors of the book provide further analyses of the book's topic. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: THE BUILD-UP1 Introduction2 The road to Africa: South Africa’s hosting of the ‘African’ World Cup 3 Managing the alchemy of the 2010 Football World Cup DEVELOPMENT4 South Africa 2010: Initial dreams and sobering economic perspectives 5 Mega-events as a response to poverty reduction: The 2010 World Cup and urban development 6 Anticipating 2011 7 Venue selection and the 2010 World Cup: A case study of Cape Town 8 Sport, mega-events and urban tourism: Exploring the patterns, constraints and prospects of the 2010 World Cup 9 The 2010 World Cup and the rural hinterland: Maximising advantage from mega-events 10 Public viewing areas: Urban interventions in the context of mega-events 11 In the shadow of 2010: Democracy and displacement in the Greater Ellis Park Development project DREAMS12 Urban dreams: The 2010 Football World Cup and expectations of benefit in Johannesburg 13 Aiming for Africa: Durban, 2010 and notions of African urban identity 14 The offside rule: Women’s bodies in masculinised spaces 15 A World Cup and the construction of African reality 16 Synthesis
Keywords: tourism; infrastructure; urbanity / urbanism; FIFA World Cup 2010; sport
Countries: South Africa
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Economy » Development Policy & Poverty;
Further Subjects
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