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Homepage of the University of Liberia. Among other subjects, you can study Anthropology / Ethnology. [editors ilissAfrica]
Established by Liberia and Sierra Leone in 1973 and joined by Guinea in 1980 the MRU is an attempt to establish closer economic cooperation in Anglophone West Africa. Due to civil wars involving the three countries the objectives of the Union could not be achieved. In May 2004 the Union was reactivated. [editors ilissAfrica]
Page of the online magazine "TLC Africa - An Internet Magazine that Connects Liberians around the world", presenting the Liberian presidents up till now, including their photograph and information about their presidential term etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
Homepage of the online magazine "TLC Africa - An Internet Magazine that Connects Liberians around the world". The site provides many useful links about Liberia. The links often lead to visually different pages, which are nevertheless hosted by TLC, like for example the University of Liberia. [editors ilissAfrica]
Full text of Liberia's constitution of 1986. [editors ilissAfrica]
Full text of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Liberia (1839). [editors ilissAfrica]
Private site about the Wè, called Wobé in the North of Ivory Coast, Guere in the South and Khran in Liberia. You will find a lot of information on their culture (especially masks), belief, history, language etc., about current events (e.g. the killig of Wè in the Ivory Coast) and a lot of full text documents. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of the Liberia government informs about government activities, gives access to important documents and links to public institutions. [editors ilissAfrica]
The mission of the CBL is to maintain price stability and to ensure a sound banking and financial system, thereby contributing to sustainable economic development of the nation. A number of publications (annual reports, financial statistical reports, economic indicators) are downloadable. [according to ...
The website of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism provides press releases on most recent government activities and gives access to important documents (PRSP, Constitution). [editors ilissAfrica]
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