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Diese Webseite bietet Nachrichten von verschiedenen Nachrichtenagenturen, hauptsächlich zur Guinea, teilweise auch zu anderen afrikanischen Staaten. [Redaktion ilissAfrica] is a newspage, reporting on the latest developments in the Central African Republic e.g. in the fields of politics, economy and sports [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
ActuNiger - l'information en temps réel is a Nigerien newspage, reporting on the latest developments e.g. in the fields of politics, economy, society and culture [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
Africa Check is a non-partisan organisation that exists to fact-check claims made in the public arena, impartially and fairly, and publish the results. We also aim to spread the culture and enable the practice of fact-checking among the wider journalistic community. [according to site editor's information]
"Africa Confidential was founded in 1960 as a newsletter analysing the situation throughout Africa at a time of rapid decolonialisation, not only in British colonies and protectorates but also in French and Belgian ruled countries.""Africa Confidential is one of the longest-established specialist ... [supplemented]
Africa on the rise - changing the African conversation is a prizewinning nigerian weblog, reporting on important issues of the African continent and relations to nations of other continents for example in the fields of politics, economy, cooperation, leadership and development [according to the site ...
The Africa Portal is an extensive online knowledge resource for policy-related issues on Africa. It is run by institutions in Uganda, South Africa and Canada. You will find a whole lot of fulltexts (analyses, reports, news, ...), an expert directory, information on conferences and other events and much more. [editors ilissAfrica]
Der Verein "Africa Positive" wurde 1998 von der Kamerunerin Veye Tatah gegründet und hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einen Beitrag zur Integrationsförderung der in Deutschland lebenden Afrikaner u.a. mit Hilfe seiner gleichnamigen Zeitschrift zu leisten. Die Zeitschrift beruht auf einer afrikanisch-deutschen ... [gemäß den Informationen des Anbieters]
Africa Research Institute (ARI) encourages debate, questions orthodoxy and challenges “received wisdom” in and about Africa. They seek to promote an informed, nuanced and representative understanding of the continent. Their work draws attention to good practice and innovation, while also identifying ...
The African Politics Conference Group promotes recognition within professional associations of the theoretical and methodological contributions to the discipline of political scientists whose research and professional interests center largely or in part upon sub-Saharan Africa. [according to site editor's information]
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