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The NUM is the largest recognised collective bargaining agent representing workers in the Mining, Construction and Electrical Energy Industries in South Africa and the largest affiliate of COSATU, with offices in all the South African Provinces. [according to site editor's information]
SADTU is a union of organising teachers - irrespective of race, creed, or gender - nationally throughout South Africa. It ranks amongst the largest unions affiliated to the Congress of South African Trades Unions (COSATU). [according to site editor's information]
The website of the South African Municipal Workers Union informs about the history, the struggles and the policy of the union. Some documents are available in Sesotho, Setswana, isiXhosa, Afrikaans, isiZulu and SePedi. [editors ilissAfrica]
NEHAWU is the biggest Public Sector Union and the biggest in the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council, a negotiations structure for public service employees in South Africa. The Union is affiliated to COSATU. [according to site editor's information]
Le site du syndicat CGT-B informe sur la politique, la lutte et la vie syndicale au Burkina Faso. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
The TUC of the Ghana is the main umbrella organization for trade union activites in Ghana. It is made up of seventeen affiliated (autonomous) national unions and the official mouthpiece of unionized labour in its dealing with government and with the employers association. It has a membership of about ... [according to site editor's information ; editors ilissAfrica]
The NLC is an umbrella organisation for trade unions in Nigeria. The organisation is the result of a merger of the Nigeria Trade Union Congress (NTUC), the Labour Unity Front (LUF), the United Labour Congress (ULC) and the Nigeria Workers Council (NWC) in 1978. The site lists 37 affiliated industrial unions. [editors ilissAfrica]
COTU-K is the sole national trade union center in Kenya. It affiliates 36 registered trade unions in the country, and has a membership of about 1 million workers. Since its formation in 1965, the workers umbrella body has endeavoured to create, develop and maintain a comprehensive social framework for ... [according to site editor's information]
ZCTU is the dominant central trade union federation in Zimbabwe. Its has more than 30 affiliated unions. Former Secretary General was Morgan Tsvangirai. [editors ilissAfrica]
Founded in 1985 COSATU has been since then in the forefront of the struggle for democracy and workers' rights in South Africa. COSATU is a partner in the Tripartite Alliance together with the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
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