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Offical site of the presidency of Mali. You will find information about the structure and the configuration of the Malian state, official communiques, survices supplied, a lot of pictures of official events etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
The official website of the State House presents information on the Kenyan President and links to other government institutions. Major speeches of the President are downloadable. [editors ilissAfrica]
Le site officiel de la Présidence de la Côte d'Ivoire informe sur les activités du président, propose un lien avec d'autres institutions gouvernementales et donne accès au textes fondamentaux (constitution etc.), décrets et arrêtés (téléchargeables en pdf). [rédaction ilissAfrica]
The website of the Gambian President Jammeh informs on his activities: reception of foreign visitors and his discoveries of "speedy and effective treatments" for HIV/Aids, toothache, athritise, stroke, skin cancer, tuberculosis and impotence. The site also links to "other world leaders": George Walker ... [editors ilissAfrica]
The site provides some general information about Cameroon, informs about the activities of the presidency and the head of state and gives access to official decrees. [editors ilissAfrica]
The site of the statehouse informs about the President's activities, publishes press releases and speeches and links to other public institutions. [editors ilissAfrica]
The official website of the Office of the President informs about presidential activities (press releases) and explains the government system. [editors ilissAfrica]
Le site officiel de la présidence de la République du Niger informe sur les démarches du Président, présente les institutions de l'état et donne accès aux textes correspondants (constitution, code électoral, charte des partis, status de l'oppositio, statut du député). [rédaction ilissAfrica]
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