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Master Thesis about the presidentship of Macías Nguema in Equatorial Guinea 1968-1979. [editors ilissAfrica]
Site with a lot of information and full text documents about Equatorial Guinea (from the point of view of the opposition to the president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (since 1979)). The information deals with politics, culture, society, history and much more. Unfortunately, the navigation is not easy, ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Excerpts and background information about the documentary of African Studies scholar Mischa G. Hendel about the Spanish language literature of Equatorial Guinea. The documentary is available with German and English sub-titles. The author has also published his MA thesis about the same topic: "Äquatorial... [editors ilissAfrica]
The Enough Project seeks to build leverage for peace and justice in Africa by helping to create real consequences for the perpetrators of genocide and other mass atrocities. Enough aims to counter rights-abusing armed groups and violent kleptocratic regimes that are fueled e.g. by grand corruption, ...
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