African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)
Titel: African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)
URL: http://www.ati-aca.org
Autor(en): African Trade Insurance Agency
Abstract: ATI is a multilateral financial institution providing export credit insurance, political risk insurance, investment insurance and other financial products to help reduce the business risks and costs of doing business in Africa, in partnership with the private and public sectors. ATI was launched in 2001 with the support of the World Bank and the backing of seven African countries. [according to site editor's information]
Schlagwörter: Afrika; Afrikanische internationale Organisation; Exportkreditversicherung; Exportversicherung; Regionale internationale Organisation
Länder: Afrika. Übergreifende Ressourcen
Themenbereich(e): Wirtschaft » Wirtschaftsbeziehungen
Sitz des Hg. der Seite: Kenia
Quellenart(en): Internationale und Supranationale Organisationen
Sprache(n): Englisch
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