ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
Titel: ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
URL: http://aceproject.org
Autor(en): ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
Abstract: The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network provides comprehensive and authoritative information on elections, promotes networking among election-related professionals and offers capacity development services. ACE is a joint endeavor of eight partner organizations, all long-term supporters of the Administration and Cost of Elections Project and leaders in the provision of targeted technical assistance in elections management. [according to site editor's information]
Schlagwörter: Nationale Wahlen; Wahl/Abstimmung; Wahl; Wahlsystem; Kosten
Länder: Globale Ressourcen
Themenbereich(e): Politik » Innenpolitik
Sitz des Hg. der Seite: Globale Ressourcen
Quellenart(en): Internationale und Supranationale Organisationen;
Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGO)
Sprache(n): Englisch; Spanisch; Französisch; Russisch; Arabisch
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