The Affrica Association - Centre for African Studies (CSAS) in Sardinia
Titel: The Affrica Association - Centre for African Studies (CSAS) in Sardinia
URL: http://affrica.org
Autor(en): Centre for African Studies <Sardinien>
Abstract: The Association was established in June 2005 to disseminate knowledge of History and African culture. Focus on the study of migratory flows and the exchange between Sardinia and Africa in various socio-cultural activities, with particular reference to the condition of women and education, and of the various forms of democratic processes. The Centre (Centro di Studi Africani in Sardegna), founded upon the initiative of Bianca Carcangiu, Professor of History and African Institutions at the Faculty of Political Science Cagliari University and current President of the Africa Association, benefits from the experience gained from its partners within the Dipartimento Storico, Politico e Internazionale dell'Età Moderna e Contemporanea (DiSPI), and from the rich library, one of the few in Italy, for African and Asian studies. Publishes the book series "Nova Collectanea Africana".
Schlagwörter: Afrikanistik/Afrikaforschung; Afrikanistik
Länder: Afrika. Übergreifende Ressourcen
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