Office of the Ombudsman of Rwanda
Titel: Office of the Ombudsman of Rwanda
URL: http://www.ombudsman.gov.rw
Autor(en): Rwanda / Office de l'Ombudsman
Abstract: The Office of Ombudsman is assigned with the following attributions in order to reinforce good governance in both Public and Private institutions:
1. Acting as a link between the citizen, public and private institutions;2. Preventing and fighting injustice, corruption and related offences in public and private institutions;
3. Receiving and examining complaints from individuals and independent associations relating to acts of civil servants, state organs and private institutions;
4. Receiving and examining the declared assets of high ranking government officials, senior civil servants and employees involved in public property and finance;
5. Monitoring the leadership code of conduct;
6. Coordinating national consultative council in charge of fighting corruption and related offences. [according to site editor's information]
Schlagwörter: Korruption; Öffentliche Verwaltung; Ombudsman; Ruanda
Länder: Ruanda
Themenbereich(e): Politik » Innenpolitik
Quellenart(en): Regierungen, Ministerien und öffentliche Verwaltung
Sprache(n): Englisch; Deutsch
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