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Created by the four bordering countries - Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria - the aims of the LCBC are to regulate and control the use of water and other natural resources in the basin and to initiate, promote, and coordinate natural resource development projects and research. [editors ilissAfrica]
The objects of the CBN are as follows: - ensure monetary and price stability; - issue legal tender currency in Nigeria; - maintain external reserves to safeguard the international value of the legal tender currency; - promote a sound financial system in Nigeria; and - act as Banker and provide ... [according to site editor's information]
The website of the Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria offers an abundance of material about the EU's relations with Nigeria (including country strategy, ECOWAS, trade and partnership agreements, development projects, support programs). [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Nigeria) has some information on the structure of the ministry and the external policies of Nigeria. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of Bauchi State Government of Nigeria informs about the Government of the federal state (Governor and Commissioners), government departments, the education in Bauchi, business opportunities and has some general information on Bauchi State. [editors ilissAfrica]
Das IFRA ist eine regionales Forschungszentrum, das vom französischen Ministerium für Außwärtige Angelegenheiten finanziert wird. Die Abteilung in Ibadan hat noch keine eigene Internetseite. Die hier zu findenden Infos stammen von der Dachorganisation "Instituts de recherches français à l'étranger". [Redaktion ilissAfrica]
The Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA), a registered NGO, works with its partner, the Global 2000 program of the Carter Center, under the name SG 2000, in different sub-Saharan Africa countries. The main focus are the problems small famers; it promotes higher-yielding technology for maize, wheat, rice, ... [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
GBF is a NGO to promote sustainable economic development led by socially responsible businesses via collaboration between businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations. It was set up to be the leading platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and economic development in Nigeria through ... [according to site editor's information]
The official website of the Benue State Government has some general information on the federal state and informs about the executive Governor. [editors ilissAfrica]
The official website of Akwa Ibom State Government informs about the Government of the federal state (Governor and Commissioners), its development policies, investment opportunities and has some general information on Akwa Ibom State. [editors ilissAfrica]
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